Off Grid Camping Essentials

off the gridLiving off the grid is a challenge for even the most avid outdoorsman, but still yet, there are a lot of things to be gained by giving it a try. However, you will want to make sure that you have some off grid camping essentials before you venture out to give it a try for the first time. Without these essentials, you could end up heading back to civilization much sooner than you had hoped.

Why Camp in Off the Grid Locations?

off grid campingWhen you go off the grid, you get to see the best of nature. It is a time when you are able to get away from civilization. You get to decide how much time you spend there and how much you rely on nature to get you through. For most people, it is a freedom that they never expected to get. They enjoy living off the land and they enjoy the peacefulness of camping away from other campers and campsites that may become very busy at times. They enjoy knowing that they can turn off their cell phones and simply listen to the sounds of nature. However, most all off grid campers admit that there are a few things they feel you should never leave home without.

Off Grid Necessities

camping off the gridWhen thinking of off the grid camping, you may picture in your mind the beauty that you will find once there. It is true. You can see a part of the world in a way that most all others will never be able to imagine, but you also need to plan ahead before you go since civilization does have some requirements. For instance, fresh water is a something that everyone needs. You could go to the nearest lake and live off the grid, but do you really want to drink unfiltered water that may make you ill? If not, you may want to consider taking along enough water to ensure you have plenty to drink or a way to filter the water before you drink it. Hygiene is also something to consider, especially if you plan to be out for a few days. You can take wet wipes or plan to use some of the water you have collected for bathing. Since mother nature will call at some point, you may want to consider having the best portable camping toilet from ToiletReviewGuide since it will allow you to avoid visiting the bushes.

Other Nice Off Grid Items

The idea of off-grid is to enjoy nature, but as people, most all of us are not willing to part with some modern luxury. Therefore, you may want to consider taking along something to store food in and keep it fresh. This may also require you to have a power source. Solar panels are ideal for off the grid adventures since they are charged up by the sun and power is stored in batteries. If you have the right setup, you can then charge your smart phone or your laptop and your hot-spot to ensure you can keep in touch with those who are still living in the “real world”.