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Cuba Travel for Americans

Currently six airlines offer service to nine in Cuba. They include American, Frontier, JetBlue, Silver Airways, Sun Country Airlines and Southwest. All visitors from the United States are required to have a valid passport, as well as a Cuban tourist card (aka. “visitors visa”). Cuban medical insurance is also required to enter the country. For all current rules and regulations you should visit the OFAC website.

Cuba Travel: 4 of Our Favorite Destinations

Cuba is an incredibly beautiful nation. While best known for cigars, beautiful women, it’s music and Fidel Castro, it’s also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You can feel the magic of Cuba in its architecture, its cuisine, the air and even in the smiles of the locals.

In this article, I’ll share with you four of my favorite places on the beautiful island of Cuba.

El Malecon

Cuba Travel - El_Malecón
Cuba – El_Malecón

Stretching nearly five miles, the Avenida de Maceo, better known as The Malecón, is both an avenue & seawall located in the capital of Havana. It’s a great place to get a feel for the people of Havana – from fishermen to young lovers. At night everyone comes out and relaxes along the wall as the waves crash close by. Not only does the Malecón offer an amazing view of Havana, the sunsets aren’t to be missed! This is truly the nighttime spot for romance.

Be prepared to get wet though. Random waves are known to break over the seawall, especially on stormy days.

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Varadero Beach

Cuba Travel Varadea Beach
Cuba Travel Varadea Beach

This is one of the most lovely stretches of in the Caribbean. Beautiful blue water, soft white sand & gentle waves are hallmarks of this beach. The water is incredibly clear and you can seemingly see forever – so don’t forget your goggles! There are also plenty of beach chairs as well as trees to shade you on hot days.

All of the beaches in the area are public so you are able to walk for miles and miles. If you’re a seashell lover, Varadea is for you! Here you’ll find lots of great conch shells.

Valle de Viñales

Cuba Travel - Valle de Viñales
Cuba Travel – Valle de Viñales

Valle de Viñales

Known for caves, the unique mogotes (the isolated, steep-sided hills) & interesting people, the valley is a must for photographers. Horesback trips are available, as are tours of tobacco farms & coffee plantations.

The valley is approximately 51 sq miles in area & is a great location for backpacking, mountain biking & rock climbing.

Santiago de Cuba

Cuba Travel - Santiago de Cuba
Cuba Travel – Santiago de Cuba

Birthplace of the communist revolution, Santiago is Cuba’s second largest city. Numerous plazas lined by impressive colonial buildings & pergolas. The city center is compact & easily walkable, however be mindful of hydration on hot days. La Casa de Trova is well known for it’s local, indigenous music.

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