Fancy a holiday in Windpassing or Weener? Europe’s least appealing sounding destinations revealed


Fancy holidaying in Weener, Windpassing or Even Rottenegg? Probably not.

These towns are one of 14 European tourist destinations with dreadful titles -- but luckily, none of them live up to their titles that are dreadful.

14 European tourist destinations with Terrible Titles that they don't deserve

As part of their Year of Nice campaign, Monarch have compiled the ultimate collection of lovely vacation destinations supplied by labels that are unfair.

For example, it turns out that Boring in Denmark is far from dull and is actually best known for its culture and entertainment events.

Only minutes away is the city of Horsens where big name celebrities like Bob Dylan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones have all performed in recent years.

Meanwhile, ironically-named Austria's Rottenegg is famous for the quality of its fresh air and 360 degree views of its mountainous terrain.

And unfairly-christened Depressa in Italy is far from a dispiriting place to visit.

Known for its local olive oil, artichokes and tomatoes, the region is full of beautiful medieval towns and secret coves with turquoise waters.

Make Certain to make time to Get a round Golf de Bitche

Reigny in central France typically sees 5 hours of sun daily and despite its showery name, has lower than average monthly rainfall figures.

Closer to home, Nasty in the UK is a "chocolate box" village in leafy Hertfordshire, with rolling hills, bountiful wildlife and thatched cottages.

The historic City of Rottenegg is Really known for its fresh alpine air

All these amazing destinations are all worth seeing -- at the very least to get a selfie beside a road sign on the outskirts of town.

So we've listed all 14 below, along with some travel tips on what to do in each insultingly-titled destination in addition to some bargain deals we found from throughout the web.

Nasty is one of Europe's Very unfairly-named holiday destinations

Famed for the quality of its fresh mountain air, Rottenegg is a scenic location for hiking named after the now ruined Rottenegg Castle.

Best know for the culture and entertainment. Bob Dylan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones have all performed in the Local Horsens New Theatre.

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Dont be put off by the name, Reigny in France is Really sunny for most of the year

This French village sees five hours of sun daily with lower than average monthly rainfall figures.

House to one of Spain's most popular and important composers, Rupert Chapi. The natives are obviously a smart bunch.

There is nothing nasty about the rolling hills and "chocolate box" cottages of the Hertfordshire hamlet.

Sainte Catherine and Strasbourg goal in the rudely-named City of Bitche

Bitche is actually the capital of the equally offensively-named Pays de Bitche. If you like the look of Bitche, why not remain in the Villa Thalassa in town, from only #42pp.

A seaside town, Piles has magnificent flat beaches and is famous because of its watchtower built in 1577 to shield Valencia contrary to north-African forces.

Home to many varieties of flowers, the only wafts on the wind in this Austrian town are of the pleasant botanical selection.

Weener at Germany has Significantly More men than women -- Maybe this City deserves its title

Home to more girls than men, there could be something in the name of the German town.

Boasting a flourishing wine industry, Fail is getting along just nicely regardless of what its name may suggest.

There is nothing devilish relating to this heavenly village in the northern french countryside. The region is a favorite with bird-watchers and nature photographers. Like the look of Lucifer?

Then how about staying at a French castle  located just outside the village.

The rolling Mountains of the strangely-named Bastardo at Umbria, Italy

Initially called Osteria Del Bastardo "Bastard's Inn," town shortened its name to just, "Bastard" in the 1920s. You may remain in a genuine medieval castle in the town of Bastardo from only #27pp.

This little village between Bishop's Stortford and Saffron Walden is home to magnificent churches and Tudor houses.

Famed for its olive groves and world-class meals, there is no reason to be down in the dumps when holidaying in this Italian village.



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