Former Math Teacher: Now Getting Paid To Travel The World


Whenever you have a full-time occupation and a really indulgent hobby, balancing both can be quite the job. And if that hobby includes travelling and eating at luxury resorts, then you need a goo job to support it. Unless you make your hobby pay for itself.

And that's exactly what Jessica Hirsch is performing. Even the New York resident was a fulltime Math teacher till 28 June this year, and has now left her job to focus on her career as a traveller and food explorer.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/cheatdayeats

 In an interview with Entrepreneur, Hirsch revealed just why she left her seven-and-a-half-years-long career to do what she does today. Having a mother who was a school teacher, Hirsch grew up thinking that instruction was her main phoning. It was only when she joined Instagram about two and a half a year ago that she realised the burning fire she had for yet another pastime.


"I had always been the person of my friends who took pictures of the food and had been obsessed with in which they were going next, and nobody really related to me personally. So when I noticed that there was this entire world who did the exact same thing, I was like, wow, I need to be a part of the" she says. She spent her spare time and school breaks on making her name on the social media platform.

The first time she had been approached for a paid article transformed her life. "My first paid article was like, 'OK, wow, this is something interesting. I'm getting paid for something that I probably would've done for free.' I didn't recognize the possibility and the value my brand had. Then, the first time that a brand that was out of the food world approached me, I realized a different level of my audience, and how much a brand could attain through getting featured on my feed"

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Today, Hirsch has 351,000 followers on her chief Instagram account, @cheapdayeats, and over 7,700 on @yourroomservice, which will be about her luxury travel experiences. Basically, she partners with luxury hotel brands and investigates their room service chances for the rest of us.

She has worked with brands like Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, Kellogg's, American Express, Delta Airlines, Uber, Samsung, Oreo, and Godiva. Hirsch has recently become the first food photographer to join with the very select group of Sony camera manufacturer ambassadors.


Apart from Instagram, Hirsch also runs a blog, and contains accounts on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Her main focus is, but on Instagram, where she was able to construct a brand well enough to bring paid articles to support her when she left her teaching job. While she is determined by the appropriate labels and hashtags to draw attention to her accounts, her paid partnerships are based on only 1 thing--brands and destinations that she loves.

"Be true to who you are. Post things that you love and that you want to share, because if you're just posting things that you believe are likely to perform well that do not relate to you, nobody's gonna link to them," she informs people who want to create brands predicated on Instagram. And that's advice you just can't ignore.



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