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Paris – the name itself conjures up fascinating images of wonderful landmarks, museums and monuments, impressive art, culture and tasty cuisine – everything you could wish for in a vacation. Deciding where to stay in Paris can be overwhelming for the first time visitor. Here are our suggestions.

How would you even begin to decide where to stay in Paris? Keep it simple. The most important criteria should always be your requirements and budget. Here is a quick look at which type of hotels would suit which type of traveller. This could come in handy if you are planning a trip there.

For the New Family

Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers
Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers

My advice to parents planning a family visit to the city: be open to the Paris your kid would like to see!

Thankfully, Paris is a kid-friendly . With many of its main sights concentrated in a fairly small place, it’s quite walkable with kids, and parks are conveniently located near monuments or museums.

Small ones, out of necessity, offer parents permission (that we may not have given ourselves otherwise!) to while away an hour or two in a cafe to rest and refuel. Looking around you will notice locals doing the same with their kids. And when families do venture into well-trodden areas, it is our kids who interject a refreshing dose of naiveté, that makes even recognizable spots look new.

Puppet shows, museums, parks, and most importantly, Disneyland, make Paris a superb for you & your kids. Staying at a luxury would only add to the experience. The kids and the adults too, would love to splash in the pool, have a taste of the delectable dishes at the restaurants, and avail such other comforts. You could also choose a condo-hotel if you wanted a more at-home feel!

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Family Friendly Paris Hotels

For the Romantic Couple

Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers
Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers

Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you don’t love.” Paris is known all over the world as the city of love and romance. The banks of the Seine beckon youthful lovers to stroll hand in hand. The impromptu romantic picnic is inspired by the tiny shops filled with sweets and champagne. Even the snug chairs in the charming cafés bring lovers together. Paris has been the meeting place for lovers throughout history, allow it to be that romantic trip you’ll never forget!

If it is your honeymoon, just go ahead and choose a resort or a boutique hotel. Spend your togetherness in the lap of luxury in a honeymoon suite! Take advantage of services like concierge, dining, spa and salon, et al. Take your beloved atop the Eiffel Tower, walk down the Luxembourg Garden, explore the Chateau de Versailles or do whatever you feel like.

Romantic Paris Hotels

For the Student Traveler

Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers
Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers

Students on a budget should consider hostel accommodations. Make sure you have a good, clean, comfortable room and a nice bathroom. These are usually a good option if you are a student on a visit or have to stay in the city for a comparatively long time, as the rates are quite affordable.

Paris Hostels

For the Budget Conscious

Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers
Where to Stay in Paris: Options for Travelers

If money is a concern, you can opt for a budget hotel in Paris. For a reasonable rate, you can get good rooms and useful facilities like telephone, television, elevator, and so on. The focus of these hotels in Paris is comfort. You could also choose a bed and breakfast hotel to have a nice, pleasant stay.

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Budget Hotels in Paris

For the Quirky Traveler

Deciding Where to Stay in Paris
Deciding Where to Stay in Paris

If your taste borders more on the eccentric, you are sure to find certain hotels to be of your liking. Paris has amusements galore for every choice! Take for example, the Hotel du 7e Art. You are sure to love its decor reminiscent of the glitz and glamour or Hollywood.

On the other hand, you could choose the Bateau Pytheas Vivas – a barge transformed into a bed and breakfast on the Seine River, with incredibly picturesque views. Do you want more of the old world charm? Stay at the Hotel Saint Merry – a Gothic extravaganza of woodwork, period furniture and cozy ambiance.

Quirky Hotels in Paris

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